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I am looking forward to berry season every year. I love to go to the strawberry field or in the woods to pick forest blueberries, raspberries and many more. This year an old man showed me his secret place where you can find large fields of blueberries. We spent there many afternoons, picking tons of blueberries. I had them in my smoothies, topped my oatmeal with blueberries, made blueberry tart and we also took many of them in the freezer. Like that we had our self-picked blueberries throughout winter.

Especially in winter it's really great to get such a health kick, because blueberries contain a high rate of antioxidants, which are important to combat free radicals.

But what to do if you don't have any berries saved in you freezer? Buying some in the supermarket although they are not in season? For me that's no solution.



But there is a way to enjoy the health kick of blueberries also on a cold winter day! So I would like to introduce you the Arctic Power Berries Powders!

Two super vibrant girls are behind that company. They are originally from Finland, and promise that their berry powders from Finnish forests are 100% natural and with nothing added. One teaspoon is equal to a handful of fresh berries.

Can this be true? And does it taste like fresh or frozen berries? I added it to my smoothies and tried it. I compared my frozen blueberries and the blueberry powder. According to the color it was almost identical. The taste of the frozen blueberry smoothie was stronger but the berry powder one wasn't bad as well. I am sure it tasted way better than with store bought blueberries, they also don't give such a strong blue color.

And do they still have their nutritional value? Yes, they have, as they were dried below 40 degrees. Like that it is ensured, that their nutritional value is preserved.

I really don't know any place close to where I live, where I could get sea buckthron berries from. But with the Sea Buckthorn Berry powder

I can also benefit from the high level of vitamins they contain.

It's so cool to have all your berries in your pantry and to add them to your breakfast whenever you like. I love to sprinkle them over my smoothies, it is not only healthy but does also look very nice!

The only point is, that the plastic bags in which they are filled, are not so easy to reclose, but it's probably better to fill the powders in a jar anyway.

Nevertheless, I use Arctic Power Berries almost every day for my breakfast and wouldn't like to miss them anymore!






  Package: ok, but fill the powders in a jar


  Time of delivery: 5 days (United Kingdom to Germany)


  The taste: almost like fresh berries!


  Nutritional value: same as fresh berries


  Extras: nice to sprinkle over breakfasts, berries throughout the year


  Price: Pounds 7.50 per single pack, Pounds 22.50 for all three packs


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