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            Asparagus bowl with lentils and salad


At home we never really had green asparagus. Always the white one, very traditional with potatoes and butter. It was always an adventure to cook the asparagus and it was so easy that it became too soft and everyone was disappointed.

I really don't know why we never had green asparagus and my grandmother still doesn't want to have this one.

But I am really happy, I discovered it for me, as it is so much easier and quicker to prepare. You can either cook the asparagus or, what I personally prefer, fry it a little in the pan. Like that it becomes a little crispy and you can season it wonderfully.

So asparagus season is right here now and so of course I am making a lot of asparagus dishes.

Like for example also this one. It's the pan roasted asparagus with some roasted mushrooms, red lentils and romaine lettuce. And of course a wonderful creamy tahini dressing which goes so well with the asparagus as it reminds me a little of the creamy sauce hollandaise many people have with asparagus. So this one is my personal vegan version.

I cooked the red lentils in vegetable broth to give them more flavor and they turned out really good. Seriously I could eat the red lentils only and would be happy, but in combination with the rest, this meal is a feast!

I sprinkled everything with some cocos chips, non vegans would maybe take parmesan cheese, but this is a great vegan option. You can also try vegan parmesan substitutes.

This is really a goodness bowl, full of flavor and healthy things!

Try yourself and I really hope you like it!

Asparagus bowl with lentils and salad




200g green asparagus

1/2 cup red lentils

1 cup water + 1 tsp vegetable broth

4 mushrooms

1 romaine lettuce

some basil

cocos chips

italian herbs

olive oil

salt and pepper



1 tbsp tahini

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp water

1/3 tsp salt and pepper

1 tsp nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp Italian herbs





1. Wash the lentils and place them with the water and the veggie broth in a pot. Let them cook for 20-25 minutes until all the water has removed and the lentils have softened.

2. In the meantime wash the asparagus, the mushrooms and the salad.

3. In a pan, heat some olive oil. Cut the champions into slices and roast them in the pan. Season them with some Italian herbs, salt and pepper.

4. Remove the champions from the pan, add some more olive oil and start roasting the asparagus. Wait until it has reached the desired tenderness and season it with the Italian herbs  and salt and pepper as well.

5. Place the romaine lettuce in a bowl, add some of the lentils, the asparagus and the mushrooms. Sprinkle with some coconut chips and basil.

6. In a jar combine all the ingredients for the dressing, shake it well and add to your asparagus bowl.