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Avocado carrot sushi


I have the impressions that Chile is one of the countries with the highest Sushi consume ... There are sushi restaurants on every corner, always full of people, you can order sushi at every time of the day/night and you won't find a person who doesn't like sushi. Of course most of the sushi here has meat and fish inside, but if you ask, you get your vegan version as well! The sushi here seems to be bigger and there are some ingredients like palm hearts that I've never seen in sushi before. But nevertheless it's delicious and I totally like that trend, eating sushi probably at least once a week!

There was one week when I didn't have sushi but I was totally craving it so I simply made it on my own.

I've made it in Germany before some times, but I always had that sushi rolling mat. So if you're not having a sushi rolling mat you can try to roll your sushi by hand (which is really difficult and your sushi will probably look like mine) or you can use a towel, which sounds weird but works. The rice should be sticky and the avocado ripe and soft. Cut both the carrot and the avocado in very fine stripes. I, myself have to practice a lot more to make perfect sushi, but nevertheless it tastes good so I see no problem. Don't forget the soy sauce!

Avocado carrot sushi




1/2 cup plain white rice + 1 cups water

1 carrot

1/2 ripe avocado

3 nori sheets

sesame seeds

soy sauce





1. First cook the rice until it's soft and sticky.

2. Place the nori sheets in some water for just two seconds until they are a little soft.

3. Slice the carrots and the avocado into fine slices.

4. Now spread some rice on the left side of the nori sheet, top with a few carrot and avocado slices.

5. Start to roll from the left side up.

6. Cut the sushi roll into pieces, spread some sesame seeds over and enjoy with lots of soy sauce!