Sweet Treats

Avocado chocolate mousse


Mousses are great in general. They are creamy, delicious and I like everything I can spoon. A perfect desert. Unfortunately most times they are not really healthy ...

Good that there is a solution! A very good one. With this recipe you can make a chocolate mousse you can eat without regrets, simply enjoy the chocolaty taste and wonder once more that it's so easy to make something healthy and delicious.

In my case I simply wanted to show my boyfriend that it's possible to eat banana, avocado and chocolate together. Because he didn't believe me that this would actually be delicious. As I am in avocado or palta land aka Chile, it was easy and cheap to make this wonderful desert. It is also super quick to prepare and convinces every chocolate lover.


The mousse is currently waiting in my fridge and I am looking forward to letting my boyfriend try it. But I am pretty sure he will like it as he loves chocolate. At the moment it seems as if he's still a little afraid of eating all these things together soon.

I already tasted and I am convinced.

Only little ingredients are required, bananas, avocado, cocoa powder, plant milk and cinnamon. Blended in your food processor and ready your desert is!

I decorated it with almonds, orange and coconut rasps. If you like you can also add some orange juice to the mousse instead of the plant milk. That makes a fresh and very yummy taste as well!

I am still keeping my fingers crossed he will like it and you as well!


Avocado chocolate mousse




2 large bananas

2 small avocado

3 tbsp rice milk

4 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp cinnamon




1.Simply process all ingredients until you get a creamy consistency.

2. Fill the mousse in glasses, decorate it and store it in the fridge for a even more creamy consistency.