Banana and coconut oatmeal


When I am traveling with my girls we always make oatmeal for breakfast. Every day again. And every new day it is as good as it was the day before.

Most times I like to have something fresh in the morning, but on a cold morning there is nothing better than a warming bowl of oatmeal.

I always add banana to my oatmeal, because it makes it so creamy and also sweetener the oatmeal. I use 1/3 water and 2/3 water. That works best for me. I think using some vegetable milk is important for the flavor of the oatmeal as well. So you don't need to add so much extra sweetener.

Coconut oatmeal is my favorite. You can make it either with coconut milk or oat milk, both works. Of course with coconut milk it tastes even more like coconut, but cocos rasps do its part as well.

I add maca because it gives me an extra power kick and I really like its taste in the oatmeal.




I tell you a secret now ... I made this oatmeal on a morning before an exam once. And I didn't have enough time to finish up.

So I had some leftovers and ate those when I came back. i I ate them cold and so I found out how delicious cold oatmeal actually is!!??

Especially this coconut oatmeal is kind of refreshing but of course still satisfying when eating it cold!

Since that day I sometimes let my oatmeal cool down before eating or I make it the day before ... because I know overnight oats are a good… thing as well, but they are not the same than cooked oats. Not that creamy ...

But when it's cold, a warm bowl of oatmeal is not to beat. Especially with some warm berries on top!

Banana and coconut oatmeal

(serves two)




1 1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup rice flakes

1/2 cup coconut flakes

2 cups coconut or oat milk

1 cup water

1 banana

1/2 tbsp maca powder

a dizzle of natural sweetener




1. In a pot combine the plant milk and the water and heat it.

2. Mash your banana and add it together with the oats, rice flakes and coconut flakes to the pot.

3. Cook the oatmeal on medium high heat, constantly stiring.

4. When most of the milk and water has removed, add the maca powder and eventually some natural sweetener like agave syrup.

5. Divide in two bowls and top with berries, more coconut flakes and bee pollen. Enjoy!