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Beet and carrot soup


I didn't make soup for so long! And I really don't understand why because it is the perfect comfort food, warming, nourishing and great on cold winter days. Just as I had them here through the whole august. But now spring is coming, the days are getting longer and warmer.

Nevertheless, there are still some evenings I wish nothing more than cuddling me in front of the oven with a bowl of warming soup.

I made this soup with everything that was left in my fridge, what wasn't really much. But enough for a very delicious soup! Maybe my favorite soup for the moment because it includes beets! Yeah my favorite veggie .... and they are so fresh and delicious here.

Today in the morning I went to the central market and made my shoppings for the week. That's absolutely what I like the most. Spending my time at the market between all the fresh veggies and fruits. Choosing the best things, discovering various things, seeing how the products change with the new season. I love this market, so full of colors, scents and life. Everyone negotiating and being busy.

But let's come back to this soup. I made this beet and carrot soup the day before my market haul. And it turned out so delicious and creamy. Just as I like it! You can make it more liquid simply by adding some more water than I did.

So the ingredients are actually only three: beet, carrots and onion. Apart from the vegetable broth and herbs which are basically too of course. The beets are cooked first with the skin on until they are soft. Apart from this the onions are lightly roasted in some olive oil in a extra pan or pot and then cooked with the carrots. Later everything is simply mixed together and made creamy in your blender. Also separately cook the lentils which go great as a topping with this soup.

A wonderful light and warming dish full of flavor and goodness!

Beet and carrot soup




1 cup lentils + 3 cups of water

2 medium beets

3 carrots

1 white onion

2 cups vegetable broth

salt, pepper, oregano, merkén





1. First cook the lentils in three cups of water until the water has removed and the lentils are soft.

2. Cook the two beets without removing the skin in a pot of water for approximately half an hour until they are soft.

3. In the meantime cut the onion and carrots into pieces.

4. Start roasting the onion with some olive oil, then add the carrots and the vegetable broth and cook them until soft.

5. When the beets are ready, remove the skin and cut them into pieces.

6. Now put the beets together with the cooked carrots, onion and the rest of the vegetable broth in a food processor and process until creamy. You can add more water if you'd like the soup to be more liquid.

6. Transfer the soup to a pot again, add the spices, cook up once more, then serve with the lentils!