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            Broccoli and pea soup


Sometimes it is really good to pre cook and soups are very helpful.

You can perfectly make them the day before and all you have to do the next day is to heat it up again.

When going to uni I mostly prepare my lunch the evening before. That’s my way of relaxing after an exhausting day and I can enjoy a wonderful lunch at uni the next day, with my own food.

Soups are probably not the best food to take in a lunch box with you, but it's also great when coming home in the evening and a pot of soup is already waiting for you.






Today I would like to present you a wonderful recipe for a broccoli and pea soup and this is what I call a perfect soup! Creamy, satisfying, tasty and warming.

Creamy soups are my favorite ones! To add a few potatoes is always a good idea, it gives the soup a wonderful texture. And what is also very important: to season the soup well! Herbs are so important and give the soup the final taste! In my opinion the veggies need to carry the main taste and the herbs shouldn't cover that, but they should support it! When seasoning try yourself and trust your own taste, because everyone likes it differently. So stock up on herbs and become a little creative!


Broccoli and pea soup

(for 4 servings)




2 large potatoes

2 broccoli heads

2 cans green peas

2 onions

1 garlic glove

a small piece of ginger

2 tbsp vegetable stock

salt and pepper

rosemary, parsley, red pepper, thyme





1. Heat a little olive oil in a large pot.

2. Cut the onions, ginger and the garlic into little pieces and roast it in the olive oil until it is lightely brown.

3. Wash the potatoes and the broccoli, cut it into pieces and add it to the pot.

4. Cover everything with water and add the vegetable stock. Let it cook on medium high heat for approximately 20 minutes.

5. Now add the peas and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.

6. With a hand mixer purée the soup until there are no pieces left and everything is creamy. If you want it a little more liquid, add some more water.

7. Finally season the soup and stir in well.

8. Enjoy the soup warm, maybe with some freshly baked bread!