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Butternut mushroom pasta


Apart from studying business administration, blogging, working for the marketing apartment of an industrial company, I am also a waitress at an Italian restaurant. I have friends that are working as waitresses / waiters since they turned 16 but I just started with this job some months ago. And I am really happy about doing it now, because it is a good experience, you learn how to work in a team and you get to know many different kinds of people and how to attend them. And of course I am earning some extra money too.

The first weeks it was really nice to get pizza or pasta after work, as the food in the restaurant I am working is really super delicious. But now I always choose a salad with roasted vegetable as I just had too much pizza and pasta.

But some weeks ago there was a pasta with a pumpkin cream sauce on the menu and I really liked the idea of it. It's a perfect autumn dish as all kinds of pumpkins are in season now.

So I created my own and vegan version of the pumpkin pasta.

I used a butternut pumpkin for my sauce as it's my favorite pumpkin and super delicious. I started off just like for a pumpkin soup with roasting some garlic and onions and then cooking it together with the pumpkin in some vegetable broth. When it was well cooked and the pumpkin soft I pureed everything and the sauce came out really really thick. So I added some soy cream for the flavor and texture. The nutritional yeast gave the whole sauce a little cheezy flavor what I really liked. I finished the sauce with seasoning it with some salt and pepper. Making this sauce was actually really simple and fast!

Two days before, my grandma had got me fresh mushrooms again and I still had some in the fridge. So I thought it might taste nice with the pumpkin pasta. I roasted them and mixed it with the pasta and sauce. And it definitely was a good idea and matched perfectly. A super autumn dish. Also very satisfying because of the thick pumpkin sauce. And so delicious! Even liked it cold later when I had to snack again from the leftovers ....

Butternut mushroom pasta




- 250g pasta of choice

- 1/2 butternut pumpkin

- 200g mushrooms

- 2 small onions

- 2 garlic cloves

- olive oil

- 2 cups vegetable broth

- 100ml soy cream

- 2 tbsp nutritional yeast

- salt

- pepper

- chili flakes




1. Cook your pasta.

2. While doing so start with the sauce. Cut the onions and the garlic in little pieces and roast them with some olive oil. I made the sauce in the wok as it's bigger and good for cooking all ingredients later.

3. Now cut the butternut pumpkin in small pieces and add it to the wok.

4. Pour 2 cups of vegetable broth about it and let the pumpkin cook until it is soft.

5. Now puree everything to a thick cream, no pumpkin pieces should be in the sauce anymore.

6. Add the soy cream, nutritional yeast and combine well.

7. Season the sauce with salt, pepper and some chili flakes.

8. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. Roast them with some olive oil until they are well roasted and season them with some salt and pepper.

9. Now mix the cooked pasta with the pumpkin sauce and the mushrooms. Enjoy!