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Chia Banana Bread with Chia Jam

There is a lot of chia in this recipe. As the title already says: it names chia twice. First I am baking a chia banana bread and then I am having it with chia jam! Sounds perfect to me and I can tell you this is amazing.

Chia is a little power seed that gives you energy, a lot of healthy nutritions and takes care of your stomach. It can be used as an egg substitute like in my banana bread. Mixed with water it turns into a sticky gel. That's also why we can make chia jam.

The chia jam is very simple and quickly prepared. We cook the strawberries or blueberries with some sweetener and lemon juice and when it's liquid enough we just add some tablespoons of chia seeds, let it sit for a while, and here we have our chia jam!

I absolutely love banana bread and always when I am making one it is eaten up in very little time. This bread is perfect for breakfast with the chia jam (maybe some nut butter underneath ...) or with your tea.

It's still a little soft and fudgy inside but that makes it even more delicious.

It has only little ingredients: flour of course (I used a multigrain flour which also has sesame seeds, chia, oats etc.), the chia gel, three mashed bananas, some walnuts, apple sauce, agave syrup and a little baking powder. You just need to mix everything through and bake it. It is really quick prepared. I am always surprised how simple vegan baking is!

You don't necessary need to add the agave syrup as the bananas make the bread sweet, but for a little more sweetness I recommend it. Don't forget to use ripe bananas!

This bread enjoyed with some nut butter and the chia jam is so amazing good I can't describe!

Chia Banana Bread with Chia Jam




Banana bread:

3 bananas

3 tbsp pure apple sauce

2 tbsps chia seeds

6 tbsp water

2 tbsp agave syrup

2 cups wholegrain flour

1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 tbsp baking powder


Chia jam:


3 cups strawberries (or blueberries)

3 tbsps agave syrup

1 tbsp lemon juice

3 tbsps chia seeds




1. Mix the chia seeds with the water and place it in the fridge for some minutes. This is like an egg substitute, as it will form a sticky gel.

2. Crush the walnuts into small pieces.

3. Mash the bananas.

4. Mix the banana mash with the chia gel, the flour, agave syrup, apple sauce, walnuts and baking powder. Incorporate well.

5. Transfer the batter to a loaf and place it in the preheated oven.

6. Bake 40-50 minutes on 180 degrees. The consistency should still be a little soft but the cake tester should come out clean.

7. For the chia jam bring the berries and the agave syrup to a boil in a saucepan over medium heat.

8. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes more.

9. Add the lemon juice and continue simmering for some final minutes.

10. If the fruits aren't liquid enough, transfer everything to a blender and blend.

11. Mix in the chia seeds and let everything cool down before transferring the jam to a jar.

12. You can store the chia jam in the fridge for some days.