Colorful romansco and sweet potato salad

When I first saw romanesco it was love at first sight! Nature is so creative and gives us so many beautiful and colorful fruits and veggies!

Romanesco has such a fresh green and such a beautiful form. It's almost like art. Well yes, it's the art of nature, which is the most creative artist!

Romanesco actually tastes like cauliflower, but makes every dish something special. Actually I think it looks like from a children's picture book ora fantasy film or something. But it really exists and we have the pleasure to enjoy it!

You can prepare it the same way as cauliflower. You can steam or roast it or eat even raw.

I am a big salad fan and like to make my salads colorful and always a little different. So I didn't came around adding it to my salad. That was probably one of my favorites!

It's so good because this salad combines sweet and savory. I think adding fruits to a salad is so tasty. Some time ago I couldn't have imagined such a combination and I am really happy about this new found salad creations.

So what's all in there?

There is corn salad, which is my favorite winter salad, for the dark green. Of course there is romanesco which gives everything such a nice crispy green touch. I added sweet potato for some extra carbs and such a nice orange. This sweet potato is also a combination of savory and sweet like that whole salad. I added sprouts and here come the fruits! Pear is in there, a super juicy pear. I simply love them when they are that juicy! Aaaand for some bright red and extra touch I added pomegranate seeds! They do actually match with every salad and they are so crispy and fresh with it. And healthy of course. I finally sprinkled everything with sunflower seeds. I had that salad with my herbal lemon dressing which fitted perfectly!

Try out yourself and tell me how you like it!


Colorful romanesco and sweet potato salad

(makes one serving)




2 hands full of corn salad

1/2 romanesco

1 small sweet potato

1 pear

seeds of 1/4 pomegranate


sunflower seeds




1. Wash the romanesco and cut it into little pieces. Steam it for 10 minutes until it is soft.

2. In the meantime bake the sweet potato for approximately 25 minutes in the pre heated oven at 180 degrees.

3. Cut the pear in small pieces and peel your pomegranate.

4. Wash the corn salad and place it on a plate. Add the steamed romanesco, the pear, the pomegranate seeds and sprouts.

5. Remove the sweet potato from the oven and let it cool down a little. Now you can remove the skin and cut it into little pieces as well. Add those to the arranged salad.

6. Sprinkle everything with sunflower seeds and garnish with the herbal lemon dressing. Enjoy!