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That tea arrived at my doorstep on a Tuesday morning and as soon as I opened the package, a wonderful scent of herbs came to my nose. This was my first impression of the tea, even before I actually saw it, that it smelled amazing! Later I placed the tea on the kitchen counter and everyone who came across, stopped and smelled on those teas!

The second impression was the nice tea package, every single one wrapped with another bow. I also like that the teas are packed in paper packages, which I found very environmently friendly.

All the four teas I got, were loose tea mixtures, which I prefer over tea bags, because it's less waste and you can dose the tea by yourself. Most times

I am drinking my tea from a supersize cup and one bag is simply not enough for this one. As well you can properly see what's inside the tea.

In this case it were very nice herbal mixtures, I found large tea leaves what convinced me of the good quality. If the tea leaves are almost only pulver

I often get the impression, that those are only leftovers. But this wasn't the case.

The packages saved the tea from any external influences like dirt or liquids and once opened, it was also easy to close it again. Like that you can save the tea for some time.

I received four different kind of tea, the 28 days Body Detox tea, the Acaí+ Tea, the Inner Balance Tea and the Inner Beauty Tea.

What was promised? In the description was promised that this tea would be very high in quality. In addition it should accelerate the fat burning, support the metabolism, affect clean skin and makes you look good. One cup in the morning would be enough.

I enjoyed one cup of fittea every morning and felt great with it! I did not only like the scent but also its taste. I liked the Acaí+ tea the most, in my opinion it had the most taste. Some teas smelled really like Christmas, which I actually like. I think 2 teaspoons per cup are enough and an infusion time of 3-5 minutes. In my opinion the teas had a stronger scent than taste, but to sum up I really enjoyed every cup of it.

I felt good afterwards, I really think it affected a good digestion and a flat belly. I really can't tell you if it made me looking good ... but I think if you feel good you probably look good to the outside and maybe that was what happened!

Overall, a very tasty and healthy tea, thank you for letting me try your products!






  Package: paper bags, functional, easy to reclose


  Time of delivery: 1-2 days (within Germany)


  The tea: amazing scent, loose leaf tea, good quality, fresh taste


  Health results: good digestion, flat belly


  Extras: nice tea strainer, nice wrapping


  Price: 39,90€ for the Complete Health Pack


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