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Foodist Healthy Box

Can you imagine anything better than receiving a box full of healthy goodies?

Well, for me that's definitely one of the best things. So I was really excited when I came home and the 'Foodist Healthy Box' had arrived!

You can subscribe to this box and every new month you well get the latest healthy snacks directly delivered to your doorstep! You will find different products like nut butters, superfood drinks, raw treats and many things more. Everything is vegan and organic!

I had to open my Foodist box immediately to find out what's inside! I really really like to try new products and I am always happy when my local organic store has something new. But finding out about amazing products every month in form of this box is something I really like.

So what did I find in this box?



I found a blackberry porridge from Veríval. I actually never had a a porridge mix like that before, but I was curious and so it was the first thing I tried. It's very easy to prepare, you simply have to mix it with some hot water or milk and let it sit for some minutes. Then it's ready to be eaten and I was surprised how good it tasted! Definitely a great thing for a busy morning when you're not having so much time to prepare breakfast!

The second product was chia seeds from LEBEPUR, a brand I already new, because I have some of their superfood powders and they are really high in quality. I used them to make a strawberry chia pudding with strawberries I picked fresh from the field! So yum!

Then I found my favorite kale chips from inspiral! So happy to see them in this box! Especially because they were the beetroot and acerola flavor ones, and you know, I love beets ... A perfect healthy snack for a movie night!

The next product were these vanilla goji toppers from whole plus! This is a rawnola made of dates, goji, coconut, maca and vanilla! Definitely my taste and perfect to top my smoothies with!

There was a superfood drink with basil seeds in the flavor of vistula and rosehip. I didn't know about this amazing superfood drink before and it was perfect on a really hot afternoon. Refreshing and full of good things.

I really like nut butters (except peanut butter, sorry ;) and the crunchy almond butter from meridian was eaten within only a couple of days ... It's 100% made of almonds and so tasty with its chunky pieces. Great on bread, in smoothies, with any sweet baked things ...

The next piece was the chia coconut roo'bar! How did the guys from the foodist box know that it's my favorite? Yeah, I really like that one, it's a perfect snack and gives you all the energy you need!

Finally I found some superfood drink powders from feinstoff! Another amazing brand! There were three of these drink powders, one magic berry one, made with acai-berries, rosehip and grape seed flour, another one named power cacao and the green smoothie one with barleygrass, tulasi and wheatgrass. I really like the idea of a superfood powder shot you can take with you, mix it with some fruit juice or water wherever you are and enjoy it right away!


It was great fun to try these goodies and I can say that I liked every single one! I also really fell in love with the idea of receiving something like that every month from now on! It would also be a great present as you can order it once or for as many months you'd like. You can also cancel it every month.

The box costs 26,90€, and you really get the best for this price! There are no shipping costs within Germany.


I can only recommend this box, especially if you are a little health freak like me and always curious to try amazing products! You can get more information and purchase your box on the foodist website or follow them on Instagram @foodist_healthy_box!

I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!




Loved my July box!






  The box: monthly delivered healthy food box


  Time of delivery: 3-5 days (within Germany)


  Products: high quality, organic and vegan products


  Extras: choose term, cancel monthly


  Price: 12 months 24,90€ per box


  Find out more and purchase at the Foodist website