Products I like


I am a big fan of the FOODIST boxes and already had the pleasure to try the Healthy Box. I always liked the products which I found inside the box. Every time it was something completely different, amazing products form great brands I loved to try.

So I was super excited when the first Vegan Foodist Box arrived at my doorstep. This box is the latest one in the Foodist product range and came out this October for the first time.

When I opened the box and the first thing I spotted was my favorite Oatly milk, I already knew I would love that box!


And another favorite of mine: the chickpea goji spread.

I love all king of spreads with raw vegetable. That's my favorite simple dinner. And also what happened to the veggies on the picture afterwards. They were all cut in pieces and eaten with that spread.

And it was really delicious! First it sounded a little exotic to me, as it has goji and also mango in it, but finally it was a great combination. Other ingredients are soy beans, quinoa, sesame and chickpeas. All natural and nothing extra added! I really enjoy it so much trying amazing products like these! And I guess it would be great on some bread too, should try it next time!


Oatly has always been my first choice of plant based milk, as it is super delicious, healthy, made of pure oats and there are no extra sweetener added.

I never had the chocolate version, as most of the time I am using milk for my smoothies or for a matcha latte, but I really liked it as a chia pudding.

It tasted almost like real chocolate pudding. This milk is super flavorful and you wouldn't guess it's absolutely vegan.

For the chia pudding I simply mixed three tablespoon of chia with one cup of milk and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next day I topped it with sweet mango, berries and coconut chips and had it as a breakfast! So delicious!


I never heard of olive leaf tea before and couldn't quite imagine how it would taste. Like olives??? And it actually really had a little olive taste, but super soft and delicious with some lemon. Now I know that it's a great option to green or black tea and super rich in vitamins, antioxidants and a good detox tea!



This baking mix was great. It's full of good things like oats, quinoa, linseeds, coconut, raisins and dates and in just half an hour you can make super delicious and healthy cookies.

It's really simple as you only need to add some melted coconut oil and agave syrup. If you want you can add some cranberries, goji berries ... too.

20 minutes in the oven and they're ready!

I coated mine with some vegan chocolate and sprinkled them with coconut chips, rose petals and sea buckthorn powder.

As I am writing this I am already thinking of going to the kitchen to snack one ....


I am really sorry I can't actually show you a picture of how the sweet potato chips looked like or a recipe in which I used them .... because the truth is, that they didn't even survived one night. They've just been so incredible good! I might use that word pretty often, but those crisps were so flavorful, the combination of the sweet potato and the chili so perfect and I just couldn't stop eating any more. So I had a nice Netfilx evening accompanied by these.

Of course they are vegan and also gluten free and you can enjoy them without any bad conscience as only natural ingredients are used!

This granola is all what its name is promising, a super crunchy granola with a cinnamon and apple taste. Made of healthy oats and other good things.

Perfect for breakfast as topping on a good smoothie! I love the flavor combination especially now in autumn. Plus it provides you with enough carbs to go through the morning!

This organic pumpkin soup with only the best ingredients was super warming, creamy and absolutely delicious.

Normally I love cooking my own soups and experimenting with different ingredients, but this soup is a perfect alternative for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner!

Well, now you could get a little impression of how I had the amazing things I found in my Foodist Vegan Box and all my thoughts about them!

But I have to admit, one thing is missing ... The HOUSE DARK CHOCOLATE! And why? Because it didn't survived the other products. There were these two humans in my house that liked this chocolate a little too much ... I also loved its lovely packing!

Luckily you have the chance to try the chocolate or all the other things as well, as you can now order every product in the Foodist Shop!

Or you get the Vegan, Healthy or Gourmet Box with my

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Just head over the the Foodist Website!