Products I like


Today I'd like to present you another amazing health and fitness brand:

foodspring is a German company from Berlin which stands for high quality fitness food with regional and organic ingredients. Their vision is to produce the best fitness food and bring you a little closer to your fitness and health goals.

I really like their idea and the vision that stands behind their products.

In their online shop, you can find a lot of supplements, protein breakfast porridges, energy bars and also some amazing vegan products.

When foodspring first contacted me to ask if I might try one of their products I responded that I'd like to try the superfood greens mix and was absolutely surprised when the parcel arrived with all those amazing products. In the box I found some crunchy apple rings, dried physalis and banana, white chia seeds, the superfood berries powder and the superfood greens powder.

- whole apple rings

- really super crunchy

- super sweet and tasty

- the perfect healthy snack

- no added sugar

- whole physalis and pieces of banana

- really super crunchy and no added sugar

- super sweet and tasty

- the perfect healthy snack

- Ingredients: spirulina, kale, ginger, chlorella, moringa, borkkoli

- rich in protein and fibre

- Recommended use: 1 tsp in 100ml liquid

- great in combination with a protein shake

- Ingredients: acaí, pomegranate, acerola, goji and aronia

- rich in minerals and vitamins

- Recommended use: 1 tsp in 100ml liquid

- great in combination with a protein shake

- Organic chia seeds from Central and Latin America

- rich in protein, fiber and vitamins

Of course all these products were amazing for my smoothies and I already made some using the foodspring superfood powders and the chia and dried fruits as topping!

Very recommendable as they give your smoothie a extra health kick and provide you with lot's of vitamins, fibre, minerals an protein. I also really like the taste of all the products, especially the dried fruits are super sweet.


Here is a little smoothie recipe inspiration with some foodspring products:


- 1 banana

- 1 apple

- 1 orange

- 1 cup of frozen raspberries

- 1 tsp foodspring superfood berries powder

- 1 tbsp foodspring white chia seeds

- 1 tbsp tahini

- 1 cup rice and quinoa milk


Procedure: Blend all the ingredients until they're well combined and top your smoothie with more berries and dried foodspring apples, physalis and banana.