Sweet Treats

Ginger cherry ice cream


Ice cream! We all love ice cream! Especially on hot summer days!

Although I could have ice cream every day, all year long! I am a really big ice cream fan!

Last year when I've been on holidays with my family in Italy we found our first vegan ice cream shop and my sister and I thought us in heaven and probably ate a little too much! But it was so worth it, after such a long absence of ice cream in our lives.

But it's actually really simple to make your own vegan and healthy ice cream! We all know sorbets, which I enjoy as much as the real ice cream, but sometimes we want to have it really creamy.

And the secret ingredient are bananas of course! I am probably not telling you something new, because banana ice creams are all around, we are even having them for breakfast.

The reason is that bananas are very healthy, nutritious and easy to digest. And frozen and later blended they make the perfect ice cream.

Take really ripe bananas, freeze them and your banana ice cream will become even sweeter!

There are many great flavors but this one is one I really like!

We got lot's of cherries from my grandparents and they were actually too much to eat, so I freezed them. I spent a whole evening with removing the pipes ... but it was worth it!

I blended the cherries and bananas with a little vanilla powder and some ginger  ... y voilà I had a wonderful, creamy and delicious ginger cherry ice cream!

I had this one for breakfast ... on a wonderful summer morning!


Ginger cherry ice cream




3 frozen bananas

1 cup frozen cherries

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

a small piece ginger




1. The day before peel three bananas and place them in the freezer.

2. Remove the pips from the cherries and freeze them as well.

3. The next day place the frozen bananas, cherries, the vanilla powder and a small piece of ginger (depending on how strong you like to have the ginger flavor) in a high speed blender and process until it has reached a creamy consistency.

4. Sprinkle with more berries, almond flakes and coconut flakes and enjoy immediately!