Homemade tahini


I don't know how it happened but somehow I got really addicted to tahini. Since always I like a tahini dressing with my kale salad but I never really used it in anything else. But now tahini and banana is my obsession. This is one of the best things for me at the moment. I also started to try different tahini dressings and I bought lot's of different tahini kinds and from different brands and tried all of them! My favorite is still the simple not roasted and unpeeled one.

So it happened that my local organic shop was running out of tahini and I asked when they would expect to get new ones, but they couldn't name a date.







As I didn't want to spend only a few days without, I had to make myself!

And if you are having a good high speed blender this is really now problem! There are only two ingredients required, sesame seeds and some olive oil.

Now you have different options how to make it. You can simply process the unpeeled sesame seeds and the oil until it is very creamy and the sesame oil starts to come up. Or you roast the sesame seeds first in your oven for 10 minutes, stirring from time to time and process them afterwards.

If common tahini is too bitter for you, you can also add some dates or raisins to make it a sweet tahini paste.

What's very important is to process it long enough. If not, it is very dry because the sesame oil doesn't come up. I recommend it storing in the fridge before eating, because I like it more when it's a little cool.


Homemade tahini

(fills one 50 ml glass)




200 g unpeeled sesame seeds

3 tbsp high quality olive oil





1.You have different options: you can roast the tahini for 10 minutes in the oven first, constantly stirring. Or you process them just as they are. You can also make sweet tahini by adding some dates or raisins.

2. Place the sesame seeds and the olive oil in a high speed blender.

2. Start processing at medium speed. Scratch the sesame paste from the edges of your blender from time to time.

3. Process until your tahini is smooth and the sesame oil comes up. This took like half an hour in my blender.

4. Store in the fridge and make delicious dressings, enjoy with banana ...