Layered breakfast bowl with figs


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. And I can only advise you to never ever skip breakfast!

Having breakfast is healthy, it makes you awake and fit and gives you power for the whole day. Give yourself those minutes in the morning, sit down and calmly enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast. Don't be distracted by anything else, but only concentrate on the taste and on the energy behind that nourishing meal.

Even if you are in a hurry, make sure to get something in your stomach , and not on the go, sit down and relax for a moment to fill up your fuel tanks.

You will see, you will have a better mood, you will be concentrated and have more energy.

And it doesn't even have to be something special, throw together your favorite fruits and grains, and here you go!





I love my simple layered breakfast bowls. They are easy, fast prepared and nourishing.

Here you can see step by step how I am layering such a breakfast bowl. I hope it's a little inspiration for you, but be creative!

Banana is always a good base and it is easy to store them.  My freezer is full of berries from the summer and they bring some freshness to the bowl.

Some healthy carbs come from the buckwheat. They are gluten free and especially nourishing when sprouted. I really like white tahini lately and in my option it matches perfectly with the fruits and the buckwheat. Tahini is made from sesames seeds and provides you with healthy fats.

I had the luck to find fresh figs and they made my breakfast bowl perfect. Sprinkled with some coconut rasps and it also made a nice picture!


Layered breakfast bowl with figs

(serves one)




1 banana

1 hand full berries

3 tbsp sprouted buckwheat groats

2 tsp white tahini

1 fig

1 tsp cocos rasps





1. Cut the banana into slices and start layering with it.

2. Add the berries.

3. Throw the sprouted buckwheat groats on top.

4. Dizzle with tahini.

5. Cut the fig in quarters and add to the bowl.

6. Finish by sprinkling with cocos rasps.

7. Take a pretty picture and enjoy!