Lemon-tahini dressing


This is the perfect kale dressing! My absolute favorite! I had that dressing through the whole winter because I am a little kale addicted and whenever I could find some I bought loads of it and prepared kale salad. When I am thinking back to winter, I actually wonder if I ate anything else??

But if I have kale salad I do not really need anything else ... maybe you understand me?

When making kale salad it is important to prepare it correctly or it tastes like grass and is much too hard.

First you have to massage the kale with a little lemon and olive oil. It becomes really soft.

Second it is important to add veggies that sweet the kale salad. I like sweet potato, chickpeas, pomegranate seeds ...

And third it is important to have a dressing that matches the salad perfectly!



I found my perfect dressing in that amazing lemon-tahini dressing. It is super creamy and smooth and goes so well with the kale.

As its name already promises, it contains tahini (sesame mousse), lemon, as well as olive oil, nutritional yeast, water and a little salt.

The tahini makes it so creamy and gives it its special taste. The lemon keeps it fresh. The olive oil provides the dressing with healthy fats and gives it

texture. The nutritional yeast is also good for the taste and some more nutritions. The water prevents it from becoming too creamy and the salt keeps its taste alive.

In my opinion another great combination and my personal favorite for kale and the winter salad season. But don't worry, it goes well with many other salads as well!


Lemon-tahini dressing

(serves two)




1 tbsp white tahini

5 tbsp olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

2 tbsp water

1 tsp nutritional yeast

1/3 tsp salt




1. Add all ingredients to a jar, close and shake well.

2. Enjoy with your salad!