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Makeup made from food?

Sounds like something I really need to try. And to find out more about!

So I was very excited when my lip nourishing lipsticks from luk beautifood arrived!

Those lipsticks are made from fruit, they are 100% fruit pigmented, natural, toxin-free, free from synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. This already sounds really good to me, especially because I am really taking care that I am only using natural cosmetics. Doing something good for your outside and using clean products is as important than taking care of the food you are consuming.

All luk products are made from skin-healthy foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins and only made to let your lips and skin glow healthy and nourished!



I came in the favor to try the Tea Rose Lip Nourish lipstick from the Lip Nourish collection. They are available in 7 different shades. I really love the Tea Rose one. It perfectly matches my natural lip color and I am using it every morning now. It makes my lips shine with a healthy glow and it feels really soft and comfortable. My lips are hydrated and nourished throughout the whole day, I am only using a little more after lunch. Each of the lip sticks is named after the vitamins and antioxidant rich cold pressed citrus and spice oils it contains. They are completely cruelty free and great for every day use. I also liked the package of the lipsticks.  It’s wrapped in a very nice fabric which does not only protect the lipstick during the postage, but also looks really beautiful. In addition his is eco friendly, as there is no package to throw away.

I also tried the100% pure watermelon lipstick, which has an amazing red color and which is definitely my new favorite for a night out! It does not make your lips feel dry and chapped like I experienced from many other lipsticks, but really hydrates and nourishes your lips. The color lasts for a long time and you don’t need to worry about your look. You can just keep on dancing the whole night long.



Along with an online shop where you can order your luk lipstick right away, there are also more details about those amazing products on their homepage: You can also find some very helpful guides to natural beauty, recipes and upcoming events there.

If you'd like to do something good to your lips, get your hands on one of those lipsticks! They are my absolute favorites now and I am using them daily! It’s great to have such a hydrated lip feeling!








  Package: wrapped in an eco friendly fabric


  Time of delivery: 3 weeks (Australia to Germany)


  The taste: delicious as the food it is made from


  Value: nourishing, hydrating, lets your lips shine, natural color


  Extras: 100% natural, cruelty free, toxin-free, free from synthetic dyes, fragrances


  Price: $24,95 for the Lip Nourishing lipstick


  Find out more and purchase at: