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Luminance Skincare

I struggled with bad skin for many years, I tried many different beauty products and nothing really helped. My parents told me, that they had also suffered from bad skin during their youth, as well as my grandparents. So for one part I accepted that it was something genetic. But that's nothing you can't fight against or at least make better. I noticed that my skin became worse when I changed the place, like for example when I went on holidays and came back, when I've eaten too fatty or when I had stress. The first thing that helped me was switching to a vegan diet. Through leaving out all dairy products, eating less fatty and no refined sugar, my skin became much better. It might seem like an old annoying saying you've probably heard too often, but in some way it's right, that you are what you are eating. If you are eating lots of processed food, fat and much sugar, you will probably not feel very active, vital and healthy and in the same way you won't look like that. Your skin can't glow and be clean. Because the chemicals inside your body somehow find their way through your body and appear as red dots and knots on your skin. Of course this is not always the case, I ate healthy most time of my life and still suffered from bad skin, but it's one of the main reasons for bad skin. So a clean and healthy diet is the one part, the other one is to treat your skin right! If I only want good stuff inside my body, I should also watch out that only good stuff touches the outside, my skin. Natural cosmetic, free from chemicals, is a good way to help to support the health of your skin and to stabilise it for long term. When I turned vegan, I consequently also switched to vegan cosmetics and I noticed the difference.

Luminance Skincare is a small United States based company which still hand makes all their products. They offer a wide range of natural products, from facial cleanser to lip balm. Everything is 100% vegan, organic, free from toxins and synthetics.

When I first heard about this brand, I was really impressed about it. And I was even more impressed, when I got my hands on their products.

Everything was in beautiful little glas bottles with a sprayer. This is perfect to dose the skincare and very hygienical. I got the introductory gift box, containing a facial cleanser, a rosewater face toner  and a deep hydration facial moisturizer. I especially liked the bright yellow color of the facial cleanser. When reading at the back of the bottles I could absolutely only find natural ingredients, such as coconut, avocado or macadamia.

All products smell really good, the face toner smells wonderful like roses and the facial moisturizer like lavendar.

The products feel very gentle on my skin. I use only two splashes of the facial cleanser, but that is absolutely perfect and it foams very well. It removes all the dirt that came to my skin over the day and makes my skin smooth. After cleaning the skin, I put a little rosewater on it and finish with the facial moisturizer. Especially in winter my skin is very dry, but since using Luminance Skincare products it is much softer and feels hydrated.

I am really content with the results, I am already using these products for some time now and they became a fixed part of my daily beauty routine.

I can highly recommend them to everyone who'd like to invest in healthy and beautiful skin!






  Package: very secure packed


  Time of delivery: 2 weeks (United States to Germany)


  The scent: roses, lavendar, smells super natural and good


  Skin results: clean, soft, hydrated skin


  Extras: nice handwritten message, very nice personal contact


  Price: $35.00 for the Introductory Gift Box


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