Mustard dressing


What is a salad without the right dressing? It's like noodles without sauce or muesli without milk ... well it's simply not complete!

And it's important making the right dressing, that perfectly goes with the salad, supports its taste and makes it even better.

This is the favorite dressing of my family: the mustard dressing. Try to take a medium hot mustard if you don't want it to cover the taste of the salad. But feel free to experiment with different mustards! My mum sometimes even uses sweet mustard, a very tasty alternative as well!

This dressing combines a lot of different olive oil and pumpkin seed oil, balsamic vinegar and of course the mustard. I always add a splash of water to make it a little lighter. It is finished with some salt and pepper.






In my opinion this dressing goes very well with all kinds of leaf salads, you can add fresh ingredients like cucumber and tomatoes as well.

Maybe this is my dressing for autumn and early spring ... in winter I prefer the lemon-tahini dressing, maybe because I am mostly having kale salad then. I am not very happy that kale season is already over, but every season has its own salads and every season has its own dressings.

And that dressing brings a little life and sharpness to some seasons which are sometimes a little triste.

You can enjoy that dressing for example with my mixed leaf salad!


Mustard dressing

(serves two)




1 tbsp mustard

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp  balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp pumpkin seed oil

1 tbsp water

1/3 tsp salt and pepper




1. Mix all ingredients in a jar, close and shake well.

2. Enjoy with your salad.