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            Oven veggies with spicy tofu and salad


The best thing you can do when you have too many veggies that might get old, is to roast them in the oven! Because you will see, like that all of it will be away in very short time (at least it's like that in my family)!

Throwing veggies away is the worst thing I can imagine! But actually that does not happen very often in my family, because we are very good in using leftovers.

So every time I am making oven veggies I just need wait some minutes and they are all gone and everyone is complaining that he didn't had enough. We are eating a lot of raw  veggies, but sometimes they are just so good when they are warm, a little soft and well seasoned.



I really like to have some rucola salad with them, pomegranate seeds for a little freshness and now I will also tell you my favorite tofu recipe!

Some weeks ago I even had to teach my brother how to do it, because he was worried he wouldn't get his tofu when I will be back again for studying.

I am simply cutting the tofu into thin stripes and then I am roasting them in a pan with some olive oil. When they are lightly brown I am adding all the spices and herbs I can find, because the seasoning is the key here. Together with the soy sauce which I am adding to the pan afterwards. When all the tofu stripes are brown and a little crispy they are ready!

This tofu matches the oven veggies and the salad very well!


Oven veggies with spicy tofu and salad




1/2 medium sized beet

6 small  carrots

1/2 eggplant

100g firm tofu

2 hand full rucola

pomegranate seeds


olive oil

soy sauce

rosemary, thyme, chili flakes, red pepper powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper




1. Cook the beet in a whole in a pot of water. You can remove the skin afterwards when cooled down.

2. Wash and peel the carrots, wash the eggplant and cut all the veggies into thin stripes. Place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with some olive oil, season with salt, pepper and rosemary and roast them in the oven for 25-30min on 180 degrees.

3. In the meantime, drain the tofu, cut it into thin stripes as well, and heat some olive oil in a frying pan. Fry the tofu stripes until they are lightly brown. Now add all the spices and finally enough soy sauce. Continue roasting the tofu for some more seconds, then remove it from the pan. If your stripes were thin enough, the tofu is a little crispy now.

3. Wash the rucola, place it on a plate, add some pomegranate seeds, avocado and the oven veggies and the tofu.

4. Toss everything with some lemon and enjoy!