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Papas con mote


I love to cook for other people. It's not the same cooking for oneself. And that's why I didn't cook a lot during the last weeks. Although I like it so much!

Well, what happened is that I can cook for my boyfriend every day now. And I consider me as a good girlfriend, every day when he's coming home from work, there is something to eat. Now, as the semester is almost over, I have the time to do that. And I love it.

I started mixing German and Chilean recipes. I am always curious to let him try something German and I like the challenges of cooking something Chilean. What's better than getting to know another country and culture through it's food?

Some days ago my boyfriend brought home some mote which is cooked husked wheat. It's eaten quite a lot here, especially famous is mote con huesillo, which is a beverage consisting of wheat with sweet water and dried peaches. It's very refreshing in summer but very sweet!

Well, I made something savory with the mote, another traditional Chilean dish. It's called papas con mote and is simply potatoes cooked with mote, with some onions and herbs. This is my interpretation - veganized of course - and I quite like it. I used soy milk, but you can use every other plant milk or even replace it with water. The soy milk just makes it a little more interesting and creamy. This dish is very satisfying and delicious! Definitely worth a try!

Papas con mote




4 potatoes

2 cups mote

1/2 big onion

1 cup water

1 cup soy milk

a hand full parsley

olive oil

salt, red garlic powder




1. If the mote isn't cooked yet, this will be your first step.

2. Cut the onion into small pieces and start with roasting it for approximately 5 minutes with some olive oil.

3. Peel the potatoes, cut them into pieces as well and add them to the onions in the pot. Continue roasting for a moment.

4. Now add one cup water and let the potatoes cook.

5. After 10 minutes add the soy milk, parsley, salt and red garlic powder. Stir well and let everything cook for some more minutes until the potatoes are tender and everything has reached a creamy consistency.

5. Enjoy with or without Chilean friends!