Sweet Treats

            Pineapple mint sorbet


My birthday is in April and if I am lucky enough, the weather is already nice and warm!

For many years now, my birthday always marks the time when the trees become their first green leaves and when they are in bloom. I love that time of the year when everything awakens! It's a completely different feeling.

A birthday run is a must for me and I had one this year as well. In the early morning, I stood up and went out for a run in the forest. And I was lucky, because the sun was already shining, the birds were singing and I had a fabulous run! Running in the morning is wonderful, you are super fit afterwards, you know that you have already done something and I like this very special and beautiful morning light.

So this year after my birthday run I made myself ice cream for breakfast! Or sorbet ... pineapple and mint! It was the first time I tried this and I loved it so much! It was a perfect birthday breakfast as I am a big ice cream fan!

The evening before I had cut the pineapple into little chunks and I had put it in the freezer. So in the morning I just had to throw this together with a hand full of fresh mint leaves in the blender and I had my ice cream! Very very delicious and so easy! Only those two ingredients are required.

As this is maybe not a real breakfast (eventually on your birthday ;) ) I put it in the sweet treats section. I guess it is a wonderful desert on hot summer days or just on spring days that already feel like summer!


Pineapple and mint sorbet

(for two)




- 1/2 pineapple

- 1 hand full mint

- coconut rasps




1.The evening before, cut the pineapple into little chunks and freeze.

2. The next day, take out of the freezer and blend in a high speed blender with one hand full of fresh mint until it has reached an ice cream like texture.

3. Divide into two bowls and sprinkle with some coconut rasps.