Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie


When I woke up today the sun was already shining in my room. After so many weeks of winter, spring had finally arrived!

Winter is nice, especially when there is snow! I like to run through the snowy forest and go ice skating.

But after some time, maybe in March it is time for spring. You finally need to see the sun again, feel it on your skin and soak up its warmth.

Everyone has a better mood, is more energized and active. When the first sun rays come out, you suddenly see also all people coming out of their houses, going for a walk or sitting outside in the cafés, even if it's still cold!

I did also feel super energized and in a good mood that day and converted that in my breakfast smoothie!


So of course it had to be as bright as the morning sun on that day. So my smoothie became really summery, refreshing and energizing.

The basis is pineapple, probably one of my favorite fruits my whole life long. I added some banana for the texture and for some extra power,as well as maca powder, some ginger for a little spicy hint and the extra immunity system strengthening. I didn't had coconut water by hand and so

I used simply normal water, but I would definitely try it next time. I think it is perfect in real summer, super hydrating and refreshing. But it went well like that too.

I enjoyed my smoothie, happily glimpsing in the sun and just enjoying my wonderful morning!

Try this smoothie in summer or for a early summer feeling! Relax for a moment and enjoy!

Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie

(for 2 glases)




1/2 pineapple

1 small banana

1 piece of ginger (as big as your finger nail)

1 tsp maca powder

1 cup water or coconut water





1.Remove the skin from the pineapple and cut it in pieces.

2. Also remove the skin from the ginger.

3. Place all ingredients in your high speed blender.

4. Pulse until everything is processed. If it is still to creamy you can add a little more water.