Pink beet smoothie bowl


Did you know that I love beets? They are the veggies that always have to be in my fridge. And when they are out of stock I need to go and buy some as soon as possible.

So why do I love beet so much?

1. They are super healthy. They can lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation, they are rich in valuable nutrients and fiber and have anti-cancer properties.

2. They are the perfect fitness food. They can boost your stamina and can bring you through your next exercise.

3. They are delicious.

4. They are so versatile. Salad, smoothie, soup, roasted, cooked ... the possibility to eat them is endless.

5. Their amazing color ... pink! Do I have to say more?

Okay my love for beet is endless and I could eat them every single day.

Sometimes I already sneak them in my breakfast and mostly the result is a beet smoothie!

The beautiful color already lifts up my mood in the early morning. A perfect start into the day.

In addition, this smoothie is super creamy, nice to spoon and satisfying. It gives you energy for the whole morning, of course because I also added banana, chia seeds and some maca powder, which really gives me energy! When I am running in the morning and have added maca to my breakfast, I really feel the difference, it gives me some extra power.

Although my family thinks I am a little crazy because of my beet obsession, I still try to include it wherever I can and it works, because this wonderful plant is so versatile. The best time of the year is, when I get them fresh from my grandmother’s garden! Of course, those ones are the best!

You can precook them and store them in the fridge for some days, so you don't have to cook them every time again, because they need their time.

When cooking beet, you put them in hot water in a whole and remove the skin later. It's much easier then and it doesn't loose its color.

So I hope you enjoy that recipe!


Pink beet smoothie bowl


(for one smoothie bowl)




2 small bananas

1/2 medium sized beet

1 apple

1 tbsp white tahini

1/3 cup oat milk

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp guarana powder





1. Remove the leaves from the beet, wash them and cook the beet in a whole for 30-45 minutes. Check if it is a little soft.

2. If so, remove it from the pot and let it cool down a little.

3. Peel off the skin of the beet with your fingers (they will get a nice color as well ;) ), this should be very easy now.

4. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and process until the smoothie has a nice and creamy texture.

5. Top with your favorite fruits and berries and enjoy!