Pink rice salad

Sometimes I am having a good cooking day and sometimes a bad cooking day. Sometimes I am having a thousand ideas I want to realize all at once and sometimes I just wish someone else would be cooking for me. Yesterday for example was a very good day. Everything started with my favorite green smoothie and fresh strawberries in the morning. It continued at midday when I found some great things in my fridge which made me see an amazing salad in front of my inner eye and which I, as you can see here, realized. The day ended with some great Mexican food! Every Thursday evening all exchange students here at the university are having a international fest and every time another nation is cooking traditional dishes. Of course I helped and had lots of fun making guacamole out of 5 kilos of avocado.

But let's concentrate on this salad which isn't so very Mexican.

Maybe it could be defined as a sort of sushi salad. Well, I am calling it simply pink rice salad because that's also one of the reasons why I liked it so much! The rice is pink ... cool isn't it? And what special ingredient gives it this favorite color? You might have guessed that it's beet! Yeah I will never get bored of praising beets, they are so delicious, healthy, versatile and give everything this wonderful fresh color. And so in the case of this wonderful salad which has fresh spinach, green beans, avocado, rice and rasped beets. Easy to make when you have some rice leftover - you will need just a few minutes to throw everything together. I simply tossed it with some olive oil and lots of lemon juice, added some oregano and enjoyed this salad outside in the sun!


Pink beet salad

(serves one)




1/2 cup rice + 1 cup water

1 medium beet

1 cup fresh spinach

1 avocado

1 cup green beans

olive oil

lemon juice





1. Cook the rice until all the water has removed and the rice is well cooked.

2. In the meantime also cook the green beans for proximately 8 minutes.

3. Wash the spinach and cut it into pieces.

4. Also cut the avocado into pieces.

5. Rasp the raw beet and finally mix everything through.

6. Add some oregano and toss with olive oil and lemon juice. Enjoy!