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Two kinds of pizza bread


I made this so many times during the last weeks and months I thought I should finally share the recipe with you. When in Germany we always made pizza with my grandma. So has a special pizza stone for her oven and of course the pizza gets perfect on this! But it also works with a normal oven, it just needs a little more time. Making pizza was always a great thing, a day that was completely dedicated to my grandma and the pizza. We had it with lots of veggies on top, but I always preferred the simpler versions.

I like when the pizza base is crispy and you can't stop eating because it's so good.

So why did I make this so often during the last time? Well, everything started when I got to know my boyfriend and one of the first things we cooked together was pizza. Of course I asked my grandma for the base recipe and it turned out super well! When I stood up the next day,all the leftovers were eaten up by his family.

So whenever I was invited at someones house I made pizza bread or vegan pizza. Because it's simple actually. You just have to prepare the base a little in advance to let it rise well. Another reason is that really everyone and everywhere likes it. It smells amazing and mouthwatering and I can never resist to try something.  Chileans like their pizza overloaded.  With corn and mushrooms and tomatoes and everything you can imagine. But it was something new for them to have onions on their pizza. But for me this is one of the most important ingredients. What I like the most is what I call pizza bread, because their is just too much missing to be a real pizza. One of these pizza breads I make with tomato sauce and tomatoes. I add onion, olives and a lot of herbs. The other one I simply make with olive oil, onions, olives and herbs. This is maybe my favorite one and definitely worth trying!

Two kinds of pizza bread




1kg flour

1 pack dry yeast

600ml cold water



olive oil

4 tomatoes

1 onion

1 cup olives

salt, oregano, merkén





1. One hour before start preparing the pizza base. Mix the yeast with a little of the cold water. Then mix it with the rest of the water and the flour. Add some salt.

2. Kneed everything very well until you get a sticky dough. Cover it with a towel and let it rise on a warm place for one hour.

3. Now start preparing the tomato sauce. Wash three of the tomatoes, cut them into pieces and process them in a food processor. Now add them to a pot and heat the sauce, adding some oregano, salt and merkén.

4. Now start to roll out the dough with some more flour, so that it's not sticking and place it on a baking tray. You should get two trays out of the dough.

5. On one of the doughs spread the tomato sauce. Cut the last tomato into slices and add it to the pizza. Also cut the onion into rings and the olives too. Add everything on top of the pizza together with some of the herbs.

6. On the other pizza add some olive oil as well as the onions, olives and herbs.

7. Bake the pizza for approximately half an hour if you're having a regular oven. Enjoy!