White chia pudding with berries


I got to try some amazing products from RAW HEALTH (check out their page!) an amazing brand that uses organic raw, soaked and sprouted ingredients to make delicious snacks at low temperatures to ensure the nutritional properties remains in tact. Apart from the amazing health benefits of their products they are also super delicious. You notice that all products are absolutely natural with nothing added.

I got to try the 'Raw and organic Cacao Brazilnut Bliss Chocolate Spread ' which is absolutely delicious on some banana bread! Apart from this I had the 'Organic raw truffle balls' made of cacao and dates and if you love chocolate those are heaven for you! I had to save them from my boyfriend ... I loved the 'Fruity coconut snack balls' because I am a big fan of everything with coconut and those were a great snack!

I also got to try some white chia seeds and the 'creamy pure blossom honey'. I used these two products for making this recipe for you.


It's a delicious chia seed pudding, made with the white chia seeds. They look much nicer than the dark ones in chia pudding and especially in this one! I mixed some berries in it and added some vanilla for the flavor and the honey to sweeten it.

This recipe is super easy, requires only a few ingredients and great to prepare the night before in order to have a quick and delicious breakfast the next day. Overnight the chia, milk, honey and berry mixture turns in a flavorful pudding. Although I am using chia seeds for quite a few years now am still amazed by  how perfect they are for making a healthy pudding version and their health benefits. White chia seeds are a source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They are also high in protein and an excellent source of dietary fibre.

I hope you like this breakfast idea and try it one day!

White chia pudding with berries



- 1/3 cup Raw Health white chia seeds

- 1 1/2 cup oat milk

- 1/2 cup frozen berries

- 1 tsp Raw Health honey or agave syrup

- vanilla




1. Mix all ingredients together in one jar and set it in the fridge.

2. After one hour stir the chia pudding one more time and let it sit overnight.

3. The next mornign top it with some more berries, coconut yogurt, honey and coconut chips.