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Plum streusel cake

The end of summer is already here! This always makes me a little sad, it's the end of a bright, colorful, warm and joyful time of the year. A period of time which always seems so short. But the end of summer also has so many gifts for us: the forests are full of berries, stone fruits are ripening, apples are falling from the trees and so much more. I like changes and I like to see how nature around us is a little different every day. Soon the leaves will start to become colorful, and hopefully we will get some more nice and sunny days which make us think of the summer days that lye behind.

Those days that my grandmother is always making plum cakes with plums from her garden. I can't remember how many times I sat in her beautiful garden eating a piece of plum cake.

This year I made my own plum cake. Actually I made two. One for me and one for my family. One a little healthier than the other one, but both absolutely vegan and very delicious!

My first try was the healthier cake version. Healthier because I used wholegrain flour and brown sugar. The brown sugar gave it a little caramel-like taste and I loved it! The pictures you can see are from this cake. Luckily I had some Coyo coconut yogurt which I topped the cake with and it was like whipped cream! Heavenly!!

Because I liked that cake so much, I knew my family would also do and because I had some more plums, I made a second cake only a few days later. This time I used all purpose flour and white sugar. Although everyone knows that I am only baking vegan stuff, my whole family was amazed about how good it was and how close it came to the non-vegan version.

While I am writing this, I am mentally revising my pantry to see if I have all the ingredients to make another one ...

Plum streusel cake




- 1 sachet vegan vanilla pudding powder (mine was from biovegan)

- 500 ml oat milk

- 2 tbsp sugar (white/brown)

- 900g plums

- 300g flour (all purpose/wholegrain)

- 150g sugar (white/brown)

- 175g vegan butter (for example Alsan)

- 1tsp vanilla powder

- 1/2 tsp baking powder

- cinnamon




1. Start with washing the plums, removing the stones and cutting the plums in four pieces.

2. In the meantime you can cook the pudding. Mix the pudding powder with 2 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of the milk. Bring the rest of the milk to a boil. Once it's boiling, add the pudding powder mixture to the pot, let everything cook one moment more, then reduce the heat. Stir constantly.

3. While your pudding is cooling down you can make the dough. Combine the warm vegan butter with the sugar. Add the flour, baking powder and vanilla powder to a bowl. Now mix with the butter sugar mixture. Kneed everything well until you get a nice and solid dough.

4. Press half of the dough at the bottom of your baking pan. Spread the pudding over it and then place the plums on top.

5. Add some cinnamon to the remaining dough, kneed again and make streusel out of it. Spread them on top of the plums.

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes.