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Potato fritter with apple sauce


Another recipe I tried with quite a lot of my Chilean friends and all of them liked it! It is really cool letting people try things they've never had before. It wasn't always a success ... but when it comes to traditional German dishes, most people like it. We had an evening when all German exchange students cooked traditional dishes for the rest of the exchange students and it was a great success. Maybe also because of the bath tube full of beer ... For christmas I made Knödel, which are potato dumplings with a mushroom sauce and red cabbage. Something we had almost every Sunday in winter when I was a child. I was so happy when finding these German products in a supermarket here. Apart from my sauce, this meal wasn't such a success, I enjoyed it, but in the end I had a lot of leftovers ...

Different with those potato fritters. In general Chileans like fried food. Well, those fritters aren't really fried but roasted. I don't like to use too much oil.

As I am not using any other ingredients apart of the potatoes, onions and herbs for the fritter, you might think they would fall apart, but in generally the stick together well, because of the water the potatoes contain. You just need to press everything a little together and roast it well in the pan.

The fritters are absolutely savory, but they go really well with an apple sauce. This is absolutely easy to prepare, you just need to cook some apples and puree them. If you like you can add some lemon or cinnamon, but I like the very pure taste which is already quite sweet. If you have some leftovers you can perfectly use your apple sauce for your breakfast the next day.

I hope you enjoy this absolutely simple recipe!

Potato fritter with apple sauce




6 medium potatoes

1/2 medium onion

salt, pepper


olive oil

4 big apples





1. Wash the potatoes, remove the skin, then grate them, using the largest holes of your grater.

2. Remove the skin of the onion and grate it as well.

3. Mix the potatoes, the herbs and the onion, pressing out some water.

4. Form some patties and fry them with some olive oil over medium high heat. The patties normally should remain its form due to the remaining liquids.

5. In the meantime, wash your apples, cut them into chunks and cook them with the bottom of the pot covered with water.

6. When they're well cooked, place them in a food processor and process until you're having a fine apple sauce. If you like you can add a little cinnamon or lemon.

7. Serve the apple sauce with your potato fritters.