Raw beet and berry smoothie

Until now I always cooked my beets before adding them to my smoothies.

But! You can also put them in your smoothies raw! This is actually so much better because you don't have to cook them first and you save all of the nutritions.

And beets are really full of those! They are a perfect post or pre-workout food and especially in form of a smoothie very easy to digest and ideal for your body to use.

With this smoothie you will have enough energy for your next run or whatever you're up to do!

I made a smoothie like this some days ago but didn't remember what I actually put in it. This happens to me quite often, I just throw together everything that I can find in my fridge.

Most times I end up with a really good smoothie. In this case as well.

So I had to make it again and write down the ingredients in order to share the recipe with you.

Apart from the raw beet, there is also banana, apple, orange, water, some wheat grass powder for an extra energy boost and not to forget the beet leaves in this smoothie!

As you can see, in this smoothie the whole beet was used. You can use beet leaves instead of spinach or kale in every dish! One reason more to love beets .... Enjoy!

Raw beet and berry smoothie

(one serving)




1/2 raw beet

beet leaves

1 banana

1 apple

1 orange

1/2 cup mixed berries

1 tsp wheat grass powder

1/3 cup water




2. Place all ingredients in your blender and process until everything is well combined.

2. Pour in a bowl or jar and place your favorite toppings on top.