Raw buckwheat porridge with roasted apples


I love buckwheat. It is gluten free, nutritious and with its nutty taste super delicious. It provides you with healthy carbs, minerals and vitamins.

It might seem like a grain but it isn't. That's also the reason why it's gluten free. It is a type of knot grass.

In my kitchen I often use buckwheat flour, but my favorite are still buckwheat groats. They are especially nutritious when sprouting.

You might know that I love fresh and creamy smoothie bowls, but sometimes I think I need some extra carbs already in my breakfast, especially before a long run in the morning.

So I often end up making a raw buckwheat porridge, which is actually not a real porridge, it's more a smoothie. But one of the best ones!





This buckwheat porridge requires soaked buckwheat groats. They need to be soaked for at least one night, so it's good to plan that breakfast.

This porridge or smoothie bowl is super fresh and crispy as it includes apple and orange. I always add a little maca as it is one of my favorite super foods and one that gives me most energy.

I like to top it with in coconut oil roasted apples - or fresh peaches like in the pictures - berries and bee pollen. Definitely one of my favorite breakfasts and I make it at least every second week.

I hope you like that raw buckwheat porridge as much as I do!


Raw buckwheat porridge with roasted apples

(makes one bowl)




180g buckwheat groats + water for soaking

1 orange

2 apples

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp cinnamon

optional: natural sweetener of choice

1 extra apple

1/2 tbsp coconut oil




1. The night before soak your buckwheat groats in water.

2. The next morning drain the buckwheat groats and place them with all the other ingredients in a high speed blender.

3. Process until the porridge has reached a creamy consistency.

4. In the meantime heat the coconut oil in a pan.

5. Slice your apple in thin slices and roast them in the coconut oil until soft and lightly brown.

6. Top the porridge with the apple slices, berries and bee pollen.