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Rhubarb Raspberry Smoothie


Wuhhh my first recipe I'm putting up here after a long break!

A lot happened during that time, I got to know many places, people and made a lot of experiences. I ate the juiciest and freshes fruits and veggies in South America, had the perfect avocado every day again, enjoyed life, had a second summer and came back so much richer and with a filled heart.

I feel like if my life now would be so different from what it has been before and there are so many new challenges for me.

But what didn't change is my love for smoothies. The first thing I did when I arrived in Chile was buying a blender and eight months later I did the same again when I came back to Germany and changed my flat. I love the space I'm having in my kitchen now and all the wonderful products we have here for vegans.

This smoothie recipe I came up with was amazing. It's like a desert. With a wonderful creamy texture.


cooked rhubarb

It's rhubarb time and as I absolutely love this veggie, of course I had to make a smoothie with it. The evening before I made the smoothie I removed the skin of the smoothie, cut it into pieces and cooked it with some water. I let it cool down until the next morning. Rhubarb is wonderful accompanied by some berries and the frozen raspberries I had in my fridge were perfect. So threw the cooked rhubarb in my blender, added the frozen raspberries, one banana, a hand full of cashews (my cashew obsession is back after I didn't really found some in Chile - they taste like butter cookies omg!), three tablespoons of the new unsweetened Alpro soy yogurt and some vanilla powder. I bought a vanilla powder in Chile which was imported from Germany, it's from the brand Pickerd and it was the best vanilla I haver had. I brought it with me back to Germany, I need to search it here soon ... finally I blended everything up, decorated it with some nice things and enjoyed it for breakfast together with my boyfriend.

Could make again any time as good as it was! Please tell me if you also liked that recipe!


Rhubarb and Raspberry smoothie



- 1 banana

- 3/4 cooked rhubarb

- 3/4 cup mixed berries

- 1/3 cup cashews

- 3 tbsp unsweetened soy yogurt

- 1 tsp vanilla powder

- some agave syrup to sweeten




1. Blend all the ingredients for the smoothie.

2. Add some agave syrup if you need some extra sweetness.

3. Pour in a glass or bowl and enjoy!