Rosewater and beet banana ice cream


I have always been a huge ice cream fan!

When I was a child I was looking forward to those sunny and warm days. One reason was that we kids were allowed to have ice cream! My favorite was the spaghetti ice cream. Later, I think it was my sixteenth birthday, I even wished myself ice cream for birthday. Ben&Jerry's, the strawberry cheesecake one! I got the whole freezer full. But after some days I couldn't see it anymore and I switched to nutty ice cream tastes.

I think I ate me through ice creams all around the world, the best ice creams were probably in Italy and I also got some really really good ones in Chile! And those ice creams I got there were gigantic!

When turning vegan, I though this was the end of my ice cream time, but I didn't knew there is a even bigger one to come!





Now I even have ice cream for breakfast! At least once a week.

Banana ice cream is my new dream and I am so happy I found it! And it is simple, really simple. All you need for this is to have enough ripe bananas in stock. Freeze them and make yourself some yummy ice cream by simply throwing those frozen bananas in your blender, along with some berries of your choice, carob ... or maybe you try my two favorite flavors at the moment: Beet and rosewater ice cream!

You know I love beet and rosewater is so delicious! It tastes like a bunch of fresh roses and makes the ice very fluffy. Don't add too much or the rosewater taste will be too strong. I bought my rosewater on a travel to Oman and this rosewater is great to use in  the kitchen and also great for skincare!

Both of my favorite flavors in one jar was heavenly! A very ripe mango in between, topped with  berries and sprinkled with sea buckthorn powder it was almost too beautiful to eat!





Rosewater and beet banana icecream

(filles one big jar)




4 bananas (frozen)

1/2 beet

1 /2 tsp maca powder

1 tbsp rose water

1 ripe mango

1 tsp blackberries

1 tsp sea buckthorn powder




1. The day before freeze four bananas.

2. The next morning take them out of the fridge and add two of them to your high speed blender. Add the rosewater and process at medium high speed until the banana has softened  and is creamy. Take out and set aside.

3. Now place the other two bananas in the blender, add the beet and maca powder and process as well.

4. Now begin to layer. Start with the beet ice cream, take some mango on top, continue with the rosewater ice cream and place the rest of the beet ice cream on on top. Top with berries and sprinkle with the sea buckthorn powder.