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As you might know, I am currently studying in Chile and I am living together with four Chileans close to the uni. So one day it knocked on our door, one of my house mates opened and a moment later they called me to tell me that there was a parcel for me. I guess it was the first time ever that a parcel arrived at their door step. Everyone was really curious and I more than happy when I saw where this parcel was from! Sqaurebar. had send me some of their products to try! That totally made my day!

Of course we had to try one of the bars immediately. We chose the chocolate coated crunch bar  and everyone agreed that this was probably the best chocolate bar we ever had. Absolutely full in flavor.

There are five different kinds of those amazing bars. Next to the chocolate coated crunch bar there is the chocolate coated almond spice bar which you can see on the pictures and which I used to top this avocado chocolate mousse with. Totally loved this one for it's clean taste of almonds and chocolate. This flavor goes with absolutely everything what makes it a great topping for smoothies etc.

Then there is the chocolate coated coconut bar, which is maybe my favorite, because well ... it includes coconut and I love everything with coconut.

The chocolate coated cherry bar was a big favorite as well with the fresh cherry touch that goes so well with the chocolate.

My boyfriend's favorite was the chocolate coated mint bar. An amazing combination and I can understand why he absolutely loved the bars as well!

He was absolutely right when he said that he had never eaten a protein bar like that one, that all the others he had before where sticky, hard to chew and artificial in its taste. Not so the squarebars.


They come in bars of 48g, 12 in each pack. All the ingredients are

organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and no "natural flavors" are added. They contain complete plant protein such as sprouted and whole grain. I absolutely like that these bars are completely clean and only made from the best ingredients. I totally stand behind the idea of the founders that the Ingredients are what matters most. They believe that this starts with sourcing only the most nutrient-dense organic and non-gmo foods, and striving to work directly with farmers whenever possible to ensure an ethical supply chain from crop to bar.


I am eating half of a bar before I am doing sports and I am really feeling the energy it gives me. It's also great afterwards to refuel. Do not only eat it as a normal energy bar, but top your smoothies, banana ice cream and deserts with it. You will see, it goes so well with all your favorite healthy sweet dishes.

Another detail which I like about squarebar. is that they make a quarterly contribution, based on their net sales, to nonprofit "Not For Sale". Not for Sale creates projects around the world supporting thousands of lives back to freedom and meaning through shelter, healthcare, education, workforce training, and more. So with your purchase you do not only do something good for you, but you can support a organization at the same time which tries to break the cycle of exploitation, enabling individuals and families to transition back into society and succeed in the home, classroom or workplace.



I am personally totally in love with squarebars. An amazing product! Also my boyfriend is a big squarebar. fan now and both of us were a little sad when the bars where gone (too fast...) and I guess I need to order some more soon!

You can order them online on the squarebar. online page , where you can also search for your closest shop.








  Package: safe delivery, packed in boxes of 12 pieces each


  The taste: absolutely whole and delicious taste


  Value: nourishing, natural protein source, organic, vegan gluten-free etc.


  Extras: contribution to nonprofit "Not For Sale"


  Price: currently $29,99 per box, international shipping: $15 (Canada $15)


  Find out more and purchase at: