Terra Elements Baobab Pancakes


This Saturday was beautiful.

It was the day after having finished my internship. I slept a little longer than normal and when I got up I went to the forest for a nice run. The sun was shining and it was just the perfect autumn morning. I love autumn when the leaves are turning colorful, when it's getting cooler and I never come around collecting chestnuts, it's just such a childhood feeling. As the forest is my favorite place to be, to calm down and connect with myself again, it was the perfect start to this day.

When I got home I decided to make pancakes for my boyfriend and I. I've made similar recipes earlier but this time I used my Terra Elements Baobab powder. Terra Elements is a company based in Munich with maybe the best variety of superfoods I've ever seen in a online shop, all of them organic and 100%  natural. Absolutely recommendable when you're searching high-quality superfoods.


They were so kind to let me try their baobab powder. My superfood collection at home is quite good and I am a little obsessed with them, but until now I've never tried baobab! It's made from the fruits of the monkey bread tree and contains a high amount of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Those trees grow in South Africa and there its benefits are commonly known and used. Terra Elements baobab powder is 100% pure and I love it! It was absolutely amazing in my pancakes. Only one tablespoon gave them such an extra health kick and it tasted so good.

I made my pancakes with oat flour, so you can easily make them gluten free. As well they are vegan as always and sugar free. I processed my oats to a fine flour in my blender, mixed it with some baking powder, vanilla, the baobab powder, coconut sugar, oat milk and not to forget one mashed banana. I baked the pancakes with some coconut oil over medium high heat until lightly brown. I topped them with my grandma's apple and berry sauce, more raspberries, pomegranate seeds, coconut chips, hemp hearts and sea buckthorn powder. Just all the good stuff! And they were so good I can tell you! If you like my recipe, leave me a message or a comment on my Instagram!


Terra Elements Baobab Pancakes



- 1 banana

- 1 1/2 cups oat flour

- 1 tsp baking powder

- 1 tbsp Terra Element baobab powder

- 1 tsp vanilla powder

- 1 tbsp coconut sugar

- 1 cup oat milk

- coconut oil




1. Mash the banana.

2. Use oat flour or process oats in your food processor to fine flour.

3. Mix all the ingredients.

4. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and bake pancakes over medium high heat. Enjoy with berries, maple syrup etc.