Three kinds of vegan mayonnaise


This is a recipe that does not really look like me. I actually never used to eat mayonnaise before. I am a big fan of homemade tomato sauces and mustard. But I really never had mayo!

So why did I suddenly make vegan mayonnaise?

Well I am living here in Chile in the city of the completos. 'Completos' are a kind of hotdog with a sausage, tomato, avocado mash and mayo on top. Everyone is eating completos  here and they are sold on every corner.

When we're going to eat completos I am having the bread with tomato and avocado. So I really had the wish to make vegan completos and searched for a way to make vegan mayo (I already know where to buy the vegan sausages).

As I couldn't wait until I had everything necessary for the completos I started making the mayo without the rest. And finally ate the mayo as bread spread with salad, tomatoes and cucumber.


I needed a second try to make this mayo. The first time the mayo just didn't want to turn into mayo, it stayed liquid. This was the case because I just mixed up all the ingredients. The second time I added the oil slowly while processing the rest of the ingredients. This worked out perfectly. In the first case I also used a hand mixer, later my food processor which was easier and worked out well. Within two minutes it turned from liquid into a wonderful creamy vegan mayo. Of course I had to add merkén to one part of the mayo, as it's my absolute favorite herb here, with it's wonderful a little smoky taste. To the other one I mixed garlic and one part I made with parsley. Absolutely loved all of them!

So if you've been a mayo fan, this is definitely a good option!


Three kinds of vegan mayonnaise




80 ml of unsweetened soy milk

220 ml of neutral vegetable oil

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp mustard


merkén, garlic, parsley





1.Put the soy milk with the lemon juice, mustard and salt in the food processor.

2. Start blending whilst adding the oil slowly. Doing so the mixture should start to get more solid and creamy, similar to mayo.

2.Now divide the mayo into three parts.

3. Finley cut the parsley and mix it with one part. The other one with merkén and at least process the third part with some garlic or garlic powder.

4. You can store the mayonnaise in the fridge for 3-4 days.