Wild garlic pesto


Wild garlic is every year the first thing we are picking fresh from the forest. So garlic season means that spring is finally here!

Wild garlic is growing in my grandfather’s garden. He lives close to the forest where you can find wild garlic.

Next to the wild garlic, nice snowdrops were also growing, another spring herald. What a beautiful scenery!

My grandmother was also already waiting for the first signs of wild garlic and so we came here with her. She planned to make some pasta with wild garlic and a soup.

Wild garlic is really versatile and you can do so many different things with it! But you should watch out, it tastes and smells really strong and if you are having a important appointment that day, you should probably think twice before eating it!

But it's heavenly delicious and brings a completely new taste to your kitchen.

The first thing I made was a wild garlic pesto. Actually I wanted to make the wild garlic strudel and use some pesto I still had in the fridge from last year, but unfortunately I had to discover it had gone bad. So my recommendation: make your pesto fresh and enjoy it within a few days, don't safe it for too long!

This pesto turned out so delicious and I am sure it was better than the one from last year!

You can adapt this recipe to other herbs by simply replacing the wild garlic. It is simple and completely vegan. When searching for pesto in a supermarket most of them contain cheese and so it's not always easy to find one. I am using some nutritional yeast to get that cheesy taste.

And of course, fresh, homemade pesto, with self-picked wild garlic is better than any pesto you can buy!

This pesto is also very versatile, you can eat it on some bread, with pasta, in my wild garlic strudel, with your salad ...

I am sure I will eat a lot of wild garlic in the next weeks and try a lot of new recipes. This pesto will be a fixed part of our fridge content for the next weeks as well.

So try yourself and enjoy that yummy spread!



Wild garlic pesto

(for three glasses)




200g fresh wild garlic

70g fresh basil

150g pine kernels

400ml olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp nutritional yeast




1. Wash the wild garlic and the basil.

2. Juice the lemon.

3. Place all ingredients except the olive oil in your food processor. Pulse on medium speed.

4. Add the olive oil while pulsing.

5. Pulse everything for some seconds on highest speed until a homogeneous cream is formed.

6. Enjoy on top of some fresh bread or with pasta!