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            Wild garlic swirl bread


Wild garlic is such a beautiful small green leaf! So tasty and versatile!

It is a wild relative of chives and native in European and Asian woods. It is often harvested from the wild, but you have to take care!

It is very similar to the Lily of the Valley which is very poisonous. So pick only wild garlic if you are 100% sure, that it's really one!

You can identify it by its strong smell when rubbing the leaves between your fingers.

We pick our wild garlic in my grandfather’s garden and like that we can be sure, that it's really one. There are fields of it and we have enough the whole spring long. But the best one is the first one. When it's still very fresh and the leaves aren't too long.

The first day we harvested the wild garlic, our lunch was full of it! I made a salad in which I included it and a pesto.

This pesto was also the basis for the wild garlic swirl bread I baked.



I've already made a sweet version of this swirl bread, but why not trying a savory version?

That was a very good idea and went perfect with the salad. It was also another way to use the pesto, which I haven't tried so far.

This bread is soft, but with a crispy crust and very tasty! And bread with greens inside is always a good idea!

Making the strudel is actually not very difficult, it’s a basic yeast dough combined with the garlic pesto. But you should plan a little time for that bread, as the yeast needs to sit and it also needs quite some time in the oven because of the pesto. But it's definitely worth trying and I think

it's fun making it and having bread in that form! So go fix yourself one of it!


Wild garlic swirl bread

(makes one round 15 diameter bread)




3 cups whole grain flour

1 cup water

20g yeast

1 tsp salt

wild garlic pesto




1. Sodden the yeast in one cup warm water.

2. If the yeast is completely combined with the water, mix it with the flour and the salt and knead it to a nice dough.

3. If the dough is still to sticky, add some more flour.

4. Cover the pot with a towel and let the dough sit at a warm place for one hour.

5. After one hour, divide your dough in three pieces. Roll out three round and flat pieces.

6. Spoon some wild garlic pesto evenly on the first round dough piece. Top it with another dough piece, spoon some garlic pesto on top of that and finish it by topping it with the last dough piece. Now you have three round dough pieces on top of each other wit wild garlic pesto between.

7. Now roll the whole thing to one roll and cut it in the middle in two pieces.

8. Start to twist each piece a couple of times and swirl it into your baking pan.

9. Bake your swirl bread in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. If your oven is stronger you probably don't need that long. I covered the bread with some foil after 1 hour to prevent it to burn. Enjoy warm!