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My superfoods were the first steps to a plant fueled diet.

It all started when I was sick with glandular fever. I missed running so much and I really wanted to get healthy again as soon as possible. I started to inform myself about a nutrition that would support that healing process and stumbled across superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds, moringa powder ...

The more I read, the more convinced I became about those exotic plants and their health benefits.

I wondered, why they were so little known here.

I had to order most of them on the internet, as the shops in my city and nearby didn't have those superfoods in stock by then!

Like that superfoods became a fixed part of my diet and I am sure they really helped me to fight that glandular fever!

Within a few weeks I felt much better and I could start running again.

With including superfoods into my diet I also started eating vegan and I never regretted it since then.

Only one year later it seems like superfoods are slowly becoming much more popular and I am happy to see my local health store having most of them in stock.

My cupboard is full of superfoods, there are only few I am not owning. Because I am completely in love with them and I couldn't imagine living without them anymore!



So although I am already owning a great range of superfoods, I was really happy about the possibility to try Your Superfoods amazing products!

They are having superfood mixes with names such as chocolate lover, forever beautiful, green protein or energy bomb! All of their products are 100% natural, organic, raw, vegan, gluten free and GMO free.

There are those superfood mixes which include 5 to 6 amazing superfoods, but you can also order single ones or even create your own very personal superfood mix and even personalize it with your name! I totally love that!

If you are still wondering, why you should invest in those mixes, although most superfoods are available in your local health shop or although you are maybe already owning some superfoods, here are some more advantages:

The mixes make it very easy to combine your superfoods. You do not always need to open every single one for adding them to your smoothies, with the mixes, you just have to open one box, take one spoon full and add it to your smoothie!

The boxes are also very easy to reclose and very robust. They are recyclable and like that environmentally friendly.

They are also great to take with you, they do not need much space, they are good to close and you do not need to worry that they are suddenly open and you're having the powder everywhere.

They are also great to carry with you wehn you are traveling. I will definitely take them with me when I am on holidays next time and add them to my breakfasts, so that I won't go without my daily superfood dose there as well!

What I also like is that there are different sizes of the boxes to choose from.

As the superfood mixes contain multiple superfoods, you have all their health benefits together in one pack and not many different superfood powders, which sometimes have sizes which you need a long time for to use up.

Well, I am really in love with those powders!

You can find some of the recipes I've created using My Superfood Powders on the bottom of that page!

There you can also find out more about the single superfood mixes or on My Superfoods online page!







  Package: good to reclose, recyclable, compact, solid


  Time of delivery: 1-2 days (Netherlands to Germany)


  The taste: wonderful in smoothies


  Nutritional value: health benefits of multiple superfoods in one pack


  Extras: good to take with you, mix your own superfood mix, select size


  Price: superfood mixes starting at 10€


  Find out more and purchase at: